14th Annual Excellence Awards Winners 

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2009 Emcees
Antonio Fargas (actor) & Maria Silva (channel 3 anchor)

Clark County
Yolanda Jones (manager of Purchasing) awarded Advocate of the Year.

NV Energy
Rose Davis (second from left) awarded Supplier Diversity Program of the Year.

Tortillas Inc.
Gustavo and Jose Gutierrez & Family.

14th Attendee's
Joe Coe, J.D. Calhoun, Michael Synn, Arberry Branch, and Tim Brooks.

NvMSDC Board
Ramon Torres, Janice Ross, Joselyn Cousins, Dolores Leyva. (all members not pictured)

14th Attendee's
Michael Yackira CEO NV Energy, Robert Brewer Chairman NvMSDC.

14th Attendee's


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